Eclipse Mars: version 4.5.0 Release on June 24th 2015 – Hands on

Eclipse Mars Release on June 24th 2015 - Crunchify.com
Hurray – Eclipse Mars release on 24th June – the big major Eclipse release. There are quite a few under the hood changes happened on Eclipse Mars project.

Major changes into Eclipse Mars Project:

  • Brand new hierarchical view of nested projects
  • Improved Maven archetypes integration and enhanced auto-completion in the pom editor
  • Ability to customize perspectives and speed improvements for text search
  • Best new tools for building and maintaining Docker containers
  • New ability to record and share user preference settings across individual workspaces
  • Improved Maven support, including support for Maven 3.3.3
  • Nice and Automated way for error reporting

How to update Workspace from Eclipse Luna (Previous release) to Mars?


I’m using Macbook Pro so my downloaded package: eclipse-jee-mars-R-macosx-cocoa-x86_64.tar.gz


Extract above .tar.gz file and you will see just Eclipse.app file.


During startup just provide your previous Eclipse’s work space and click ok and you should be all good.
Eclipse Workspace - Luna to Mars
So far all my ~20 projects imported successfully to Eclipse Mars without any issue. Compilation worked just fine. Only thing which I had to do is to just install Apache Tomcat again on Eclipse Mars. If you face any issue while installing Tomcat then follow the tutorial.

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