Dual WAN or Multi Internet Link Router

A General View

The present corporate world is characterized by the requirement for a global network called the internet for all purposes like businesses, e-commerce and so on and so forth. The market place consists of business organizations that need secure Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity to operate the critical functions. The stress is on Internet connection that has an on going uptime and reliability.
The progress of technology with the emergence of products like switches, routers, modems, etc have all been a result of increased demand for enhanced connectivity choices to the Internet. It is combined with speed and security necessarily.
Routers are devices that are located at the connecting points of two or more networks and this enables the forwarding of packets of data on the network in the WAN set up. It is possible to enable file sharing between the multiple computer systems with the assistance or routers. A WAN connection with the VPN router facilitates Internet access and connectivity within a network – this is possible from any place in a very secure manner. Security is a primary issue in this case as all the important applications running across the WANs are very crucial for any business.

The concept of VPN Router

VPN router (Routers are network devices that direct and forward information between networks) is a device that gives full security and connectivity in a network at different levels. The systems that are arranged with a VPN Router can be organized with an able VPN Router for different uses in which technologies like dedicated encrypted VPN gateways, firewall protection and as an IP access for router connections are included as well. The security routers operate by the creation of a private path for information to be transmitted securely. Data packets that are transmitted by routers are encrypted at the sending side and decrypted at the receiving side using VPN technology, thus protecting authorized users from accessing the data. A security WAN comes in to play when a secure and private communication tunnel across a publicly shared network and interlinking devices for accessing the information.
VPN technologies basically improve the performance of WAN applications through securing the network traffic. VPNs maintain two types of tunneling. One is a voluntary VPN tunneling where in the VPN connection is managed by the VPN client and a compulsory VPN tunneling where in the connection is manages by the network provider. The crux of VPN technology is to provide a secure network that follows certain protocols to achieve the same.
The key secure protocols include Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TS), VPN protocols include IP Security (IP Sec), VPN Quarantine, and Multi Path Security (MPSec)) Open VPN, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol version 3 (L2TPv3), VPN Quarantine, and Multi Path Security (MPSec). In this, IP Sec and MPSec technologies take care of security and they are the most prevalent.

Merits of the technology

  • It is simple to configure and to use
  • It is attuned with the operating systems and standards
  • Technological appliances are made use of to secure the information transactions and protect consumer details as well
  • Privacy is maintained while availing online services
Despite the merits there are certain security issues that exist. To address these issues, there is a need for superior technology. FatPipe’s MPVPN technology secures VPN data transmissions. It takes care of load balancing, IPSec traffic over multiple lines and ISPs without the need for BGP programming.
The MPSec feature takes care of security of data transmission with its MPSec technology. Danger of hacking and snooping is completely ruled out as the encrypted traffic is send in parts and out of order over the VPN. It is reassembled on the other side by the receiving MPVPN with no latency.
Businesses flourish when the WAN infrastructures and technologies are strong with the use of FatPipe products that help them achieve their business goals.

Dual-WAN Router

In the modern era of IT and technological advancements, there has been an increased demand for devices that offer stable and redundant and WANs. WAN stability is very important to meet the objective of business continuity that is vital for the profitability of an organization. To manage and handle these tasks, a dual WAN Router is used.
A WAN Router is a tool that helps in directing data packets towards an external destination such as the Internet. Its unique feature is that of forwarding packets of data to a network outside and choosing the best data path to send it. A Dual WAN Router can maneuver the traffic from all sides in the proper directions. Comprising of dual WAN connections and a LAN connection, this router has the ability to manage routing and forwarding information internally and to external networks.
These Dual WAN Routers are cumbersome to set up. Although they offer a multi-path WAN Solution, they do not dynamically load balance traffic that result in inefficiencies. A Dual WAN router may not support an enterprise headquarters but they are helping in connecting the remote offices to connect with the HQ and maintain a local area network


  • The breakthroughs in technology services like VoIP, remote applications, wireless networks, etc have driven the need for this kind of a Router and technology.
  • Single connections are not reliable. This is because failure of the connection will lead to disruption of services across the network. This has an effect on business continuity objectives. Hence companies are set with multi WAN connections. The functionality of Dual WAN Router enhances the process of connectivity even further. Combining two WAN links impeccably into a single router makes the Dual WAN Router a proper step- this is then shared by a LAN connection.


  • It ensures connectivity and is a protection against service infrastructure whether is it Telco or cable.
  • A Dual WAN Router provides redundant connectivity and traffic load balancing over multiple data connections that includes DSL and Cable connections as well resulting a superior WAN performance.
  • Companies see the determining factors like WAN redundancy and Internet speed as most important for continuity in services.
  • A general nature of Dual WAN Router is bandwidth utilization and outbound traffic aggregation. Thus, network congestion can be reduced since a dual WAN Router can smartly route the traffic and pass information to the intended destination over less loaded WAN connections.

Multi WAN Link Solutions

FatPipe Networks has put forth solutions to the shortcomings of the Dual WAN Routers. It has developed the flexible WAN redundancy and load balancing solution that has benefited a large number of companies. It balances incoming and outgoing traffic. The technology allows multiple and varied connection to ISPs. This technology usage produces a superior connectivity and high availability WAN. Despite the offer of redundancy in WANs by Dual WAN Router, the router clustering technology from FatPipe is better and desirable as it provides superior functionality, scalability and flexibility.

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